Our spiritual journey is accompanied by many soul friends; people to whom you feel comfortable in revealing your inner most being with or to whom you connect spiritually.   These may include family members, friends, mentors, teachers, students, biblical characters, authors, or sacred writings.    They are sojourners with you on the journey.  They bring encouragement, wisdom, or correction.   The sacred journey is all about relationships. 


One of my soul friends is Aaron . . .


All the other young men had gone to their tents, leaving fifteen-year-old Aaron alone with me at the campfire.  As I looked into Aaron’s eyes, I noticed he was crying.  Aaron was a tough, street-wise kid who never cried, but now tears were streaming down his face.  I asked, “What’s wrong, Aaron?”  For several minutes, he didn’t say a word.  As I waited, he took a stick, thrust it into the flames, and dragged a small piece of burning wood away from the fire.  For several minutes we watched as the ember slowly turned from glowing orange to white ash.  He finally broke the silence with this explanation:  “I’m like this coal.  Whenever I’m with the youth at our church, I burn brightly for Jesus.  But, when I’m away from them, I turn cold, and my witness for Jesus dies.”


This young man could not spell theology or ecclesia (the Greek word for the church which means gathering), but he understood better than many adults the importance of relationships with fellow spiritual travelers.  We are wired for relationships. 


This blog is dedicated to those who joined me along life’s journey.  Some have traveled with me many miles, others for only a moment.  Some of my soul friends are voices from the past, or authors in the present; none of whom I met personally, but their faith stories contributed to who I am.   


Who has impacted your spiritual journey?  I’d like to hear your stories as well. 




One response to “Aaron

  1. Daryl, what a great idea for a blog! You are no doubt a soul friend. I remember our first small group experience January 6, 1996 while at Southwestern. It is a day that will live with me for eternity. The day I met a soul friend in you. So many memories to recount. Love Ya Bro!

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