Reggie McNeal

Author, speaker, and missional leadership specialist, Reggie McNeal is a modern day prophet peering into the future of the church. If he is tarred, feathered, and run out of town as a prophet, he could return as a stand-up comedian. I love his sense of humor and the one thing church leaders need right now is a healthy dose of laughter. We take ourselves way too seriously. Reggie nourishes my soul. I am always the better for hanging with him. Do you have soul friends like that?

His latest work, Missional Renaissance calls for a new scorecard in the church for defining what success or effectiveness looks like. This may be his best work. As my friends say, “He gets it.” McNeal explains three major shifts that need to occur in order to become a missional church.
Missional Shift 1: from an Internal to an External Ministry Focus

  • “Shifting from a “member culture” to a “missionary culture.”
  • Refocusing & reallocating resources (prayer, people, calendar/time, finances, facilities, and technology) for missional impact
  • The church is not the destination, but the connector, linking people to Kingdom life.

Missional Shift 2: From Program Development to People Development

  • “Everyday living is where spiritual development is worked out.
  • “We bought and paid for the lie that Six Flags over Jesus was what the world needed.”
  • “The missional church assumes that service to others is the first step, not some latter expression of spirituality.”

Missional Shift 3: From Church-Based to Kingdom-Based Leadership

  • “Instead of being spiritual leaders in the kingdom of God, partnering with his mission in the world, we have created leaders to run the church.”
  • “When they (Kingdom leaders) talk about God, they don’t use the discussion as a way to get around to marketing their church. They view themselves as viral agents (in a good sense).”
  • “Whereas the classic church celebrates textual exegetes, the missional movement yearns for journalists who can tell us what God is up to today.”

I believe in the future of the Church. Our best days are ahead, not behind. Won’t you join the tribe of missional Christians and join in what God is doing around our world?

Here is a clip from a spontaneous interview I did with Reggie at the Innovation3 conference in Dallas, Texas:


One response to “Reggie McNeal

  1. WOW! What an in your face outline for the future. What stark contrasts he gives. I’ve got some changing to do.

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