Pillow Talk

There is a well-known Christian couple whose wife is famous for teaching women that you influence your husband best through pillow talk. While my first reaction is to gag, I’d have to agree. My wife loves pillow talk. While I’m in a relaxed and vulnerable state of mind, she ponders firm vs. fluffy, king vs. regular, pillow talkor classic vs. contour. Then there is a discussion of memory foam, adjustable, latex, feather, polyester, or gel, and of course, anti-snore pillows. Then there are pillow accessories, pillow protectors, and pillow cooling.   And how could I forget the art of pillow scrunching and pillow cleaning. Our conversation is pillow science at its finest.

After decades of marriage, she is still looking for the perfect pillow. There must be a deep longing in our souls for PC (Pillow Correctness); that perfect fit of our cranium in the slumber sanctuary. This month, she stayed at a Doubletree Hotel and found their pillows to be the pillów de la pillów.   She called the manager.  We have 10 on the way. Can you really have two many pillows? Save that for another conversation. I’m a pillow minimalist.

Who knew there is actually a “Better Sleep Council?” I just hope we’re not sent to jail for cutting the tags off the pillows. There are even certified pillow coaches advising people on what pillow is best and how to get the most out of your pillow. Amateurs. There is no one better at pillow talk than my wife.


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